Our Home Extension Services

We can dived up our main type of extension between the following:

Kitchen Extension

A Kitchen Extension is a great way to re-design your living space. After all the part of a party is often found in the kitchen. A Kitchen Extension is not just about having a bigger kitchen but more a re-design of kitchen dining and garden space. It is about letting in more light in an important part of the house and feeling inclusive in the house. Victorian kitchen design often makes the chef feel excluded from guest or your are forced to entertain people in a space that simply doesn't have that much space. Going open plan can solve many of these problems.

Home Extension

The term Home Extension can be albeit vague but it is aimed at all spaces where the main goal is to simply increase space such as a side extension or maybe even add an entire room to the house like a conservatory. Important part of the design aspect in this is beyond the structural as one has to keep an eye out on the flow of the house.

Roof Extension

Of all extensions a Loft Conversion or Roof Extension will add the most amount of value to your property. The design process of a Roof extension can be cumbersome as all depends on the current roof type you have and in many cases still requires planning permission. The design of the loft is not the only thing to consider you also need to get up to the new floor. Adding extra stairs and the placement of these stairs is an important design aspect.